Video Services Pricing

Call/Text us directly @ 619.786.7853 or via email (right side of page) if you want a custom quote or have a new idea for a project; we are always happy to collaborate and brainstorm!

To get an idea of our quality of work and pricing, check out some examples below…

Green Screen Videos (example below)
– Less than 3 minutes = $300
– More than 3 minutes = contact us for quote


Testimonial Videos (example below)
– In-studio, under 2 minutes = $200
– On-location, under 2 minutes = $350


On Location “Lifestyle” Videos (example below)
– Less than 15 minutes = $1500
– More than 15 minutes = contact us for quote


Content Interview (example below)
– 30 min maximum in-studio = $475 (LIVE Stream to Facebook or YouTube included)
– 30 min maximum on-location = $750 (LIVE Stream not included)


Property Walk-Through Video (example below)
– On-location production = $1900 (LIVE Stream not included)


Produce your own show (example below)
– Weekly 1 hour show = $1600/mo (includes months when there are 5 shows and LIVE Stream to Facebook or YouTube)


Theatrical Trailer (example below)
– Length and scope of project will determine exact pricing, but the example below was $1800


Reality Show Episode (example below)
– Contact us for a quote as the dynamics of this can cause the cost to range wildly. We have enough experience with this to help keep the costs as minimal as possible so this process can be as fun as it should be!