How to Invest in Real Estate the EASY way…

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When we talk about investing in real estate the EASY way, some people of course think we mean the EASIER way because there’s no way that investing in real estate could actually be EASY – but it can! However, you have to make the right decisions about your approach right off the bat, which is why I’m glad you’re here reading this now.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the smart money is leaving California Rental Real Estate… the opportunity elsewhere is just way better, that’s WHY! I mean, if you like low cap-rates, more litigious and entitled tenants and more principle risk, then be my guest…but what investor wants all that crap? Look, most people investing in California Rental Properties know there are better options elsewhere, but typically the logistics involved seem too difficult or far-fetched to execute. However, that couldn’t be further from the Truth. What I am going to share with you in this article is not only WHAT the savviest real estate investors in the Country are doing with their money, but exactly how you can do the same thing they’re doing from your couch. I know…it sounds too good to be true, so prepare to have yourself absolutely BLOWN away by the possibilities. I know I was when I first learned this was possible…

Investing in real estate the HARD way is usually what people do first. They buy a rental property in San Diego for $500,000, get $2800/month in rent and think it’s a steal. But how does that even make sense? You have so much more capital risk and you are putting down $100,000 just to make this happen in the first place. If you’re lucky, you get enough rent to cover the PITI and then you’re just missing 100-grand and hoping for appreciation. There are so many things that can go wrong in this scenario, that it would be too many to list. But you won’t have a hard time at the bar finding someone who “tried” to invest in California real estate and got a lesson learned the hard way.

If you already own in CA, rents have gone up like CRAZY and STILL the ‘good’ CAP rates are 4-5%.  Really??  What about maintenance costs, vacancy rates, etc? How do you make money with that kind of return over the long-run?

Putting all your eggs in one or two properties in CA and hoping the rent continues to cover the mortgage and expenses is a sketchy strategy at best and portfolio-crushing at worst.

With Done4uHomes, you are getting a system that was created FOR investors BY investors. When Michael Drew started this process in Indianapolis, it was for his Mom to have retirement income after the sudden passing of his father. Michael was a student of Robert Kyosaki’s and he learned a lot from the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Author. As his friends learned of what he was doing for his Mom, before he knew it, Michael was getting requests from all sorts of folks to do the same for them and therefor the book “Retire on Rent” was born. For a FREE Copy of the Book, or to browse our current inventory of properties, use the contact form below.

So what are the risks for something like this? The risks for this process are the same as any other real estate investment. The only difference is, this area, process, maintenance and strategy are all part of a proven method that has worked for thousands of investors all over the world.

WHY don’t Michael and Scott just keep all these properties for themselves? They do keep many properties for themselves of course! However, they usually give the best deals to their investors because the business model is to always do the right thing and take care of the repeat clients. When a deal won’t appraise or doesn’t appeal to investors as much as it appeals to Michael/Scott, that is usually the one they pick up!

How do Michael and Scott make money giving away such great investment opportunities? There are two ways money is made from the Done4u model. #1 is on the rehab. Buying the house right and getting it rehabbed well so you are only paying the appraised value for the property and not a penny more. #2 is on the property management. The Done4u system of course needs to have the property management piece in place so it is truly and entirely DONE FOR YOU! However, all these factors are in mind from the beginning as they know that the investor needs to make a good return in order for the overall project makes sense. It’s the ultimate win/win/win situation!

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Scott is a real estate investor, trader and entrepreneur at heart.  He’s been investing in real estate for over 10 years.  He knows the who, why and where it works best – from doing it directly.  He’s interacted with thousands of active investors over the last 16 years.  He now lives in San Diego and can be reached at or at 858-227-6010.