How to Invest and Buy Real Estate with the VA Home Loan Benefit (FREE EVENT)

Click on the image above to Watch a Previously recorded Seminar on ZOOM

Learn how the maximize the VA Home Loan Benefit from the comfort of your home! This will be a ZOOM call for everyone’s safety until we are clear to have LIVE events again. You will receive the link to join once you RSVP. Expect to learn the following at this event:

– How do I use the VA Loan to invest in real estate

– How to buy multi-unit properties with the VA Loan

– What fees or charges will be charged to use my VA Loan?

– Are interest rates better or worse on a VA Loan?

– How to maximize the VA Home Loan Benefit to build wealth

– How to determine if you qualify for the VA Home Loan

– What are the Pros/Con associated with the VA Loan?

Learn all this and much more as we will hand out your VA Loan black-belts after this class! I will also provide several credit score tips and real estate hacks everyone who wants to invest should know!

Veterans and Active Duty Service members learning VA Loan Hacks at our last LIVE Event before the COVID Pandemic Crisis began…Now we do ZOOM for safety.