Finding Home Base

“Finding Home Base” is a Reality Show produced in Southern California that focuses on making Dreams come true for Active Duty Military and Veterans who have the goal of owning a home in America’s Finest City. The Show is 100%  REAL. We do provide special services that will give the Veteran Buyers a savings or credit of anywhere from $3000-$5000 on the home purchase, which has proven to be very helpful at times! We put a tremendous amount of effort in to the process to achieve the ideal situation for our Veterans. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When/Where will the show air on TV?
– This Show is designed to be a YouTube series, but we have not ruled out TV. CH4 in San Diego would like to air the program, but we are not convinced it would be worth the effort to edit down the episodes to conform to the time constraints of TV.
– Our goal is a more holistic/realistic view of each story that focuses on the important elements without regard to how long the episode is. Some will be 12 minutes, some 28, because not every story takes the same amount of time to tell it.
– Should we execute a deal for traditional Television, we will update this area of the website 🙂

What’s “in it” for the Homebuyer/Show Participant?
– We provide low-cost mortgage services, where all lender fees are waived for the Veteran for an average savings of around $1,700.
– We refer the Veteran to an Agent (if they don’t have one already) and pre-negotiate a credit of commissions to be returned to the Veteran at closing. This is capped at $3,000, but is calculated based on 25% of the Agents commission so is frequently thousands of dollars.
– All these savings are pre-determined and not a product of conditions being “just right” or “working out”, so anyone on our Show knows they will save money by going through the process automatically.

Do you have to buy a home? What if I change my mind during the process?
– No. You never HAVE to do anything. The Show is designed to help people in this process, not make it worse. Your “happy ending” is our #1 priority at all times.

What is the timeframe for shooting?
– Because the Home-Buying process is so dynamic and so different for everyone, we don’t have any formula to follow here. Basically, we have to follow your lead based on when you’re looking at homes and what’s happening in your Search/Purchase. Fortunately, because we execute this way, it doesn’t really add much time to the process you would already be going through in order for us to shoot an episode.

What are you looking for in people to be on the Show?
– A challenge is good. Impossible is not. It’s a fine line, but we want to have some sort of challenge to overcome within each episode. Usually, this challenge is just finding the home you want in the location you want. That can be challenge enough but we are not afraid of difficult and have been really surprised at the deals we have already been able to achieve for the Homebuyers on the Show.

What is the point of the show?
– The point is to help Veterans own a piece of the Country they have sacrificed to defend. We think it only fair. We want to make a difference. We want you to say “I couldn’t have done this well without the show” when your episode is finished. That’s the goal.

How do you pick the Agent used for each episode?
– Very carefully. Getting an Agent who will follow our process, report back to us daily with progress and stay focused on this transaction as their #1 priority is the key. Agents going on vacation or running big pipelines of business don’t tend to work out as well. We need the Agent as much as you do to generate a great result, so we take our time and make sure we have the right person before moving forward with the episode.
– We regularly get TOP Agents to follow our program, provide the commission refund at closing and also out-perform on their duties. It’s amazing what a little publicity can do to motivate folks!

What kinds of shows are similar to this one?
– You could describe this Show as a cross between “My Lottery Dream Home” and “Million Dollar Listing”. Although no aspects are identical, the process of searching for the Dream Home in this Show is similar to the entire program for My Lottery Dream Home. The 2nd half of this Show is more behind the scenes and show-cases more of the negotiations, inspections, appraisal, contingency removal, etc which is sort of how the whole show is on Million Dollar Listing on Bravo.
– You could also say it’s like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld in that we are looking to just publish each finished episode as its own “best-self” without a concern of how long it is or what box it fits in to.