Our Experts

As a Consumer Advocate, my most important responsibility is making sure I have a reputable list of resources. I know how hard it is to find trust-worthy service providers. This search has been my main focus for years, so I fully understand how someone who only spends a few days, a few hours or even a few minutes looking for a service provider can end up in the wrong hands. I only recommend people I trust 100% and do business with personally. I hold myself responsible for every recommendation, so I take it very seriously.
Email me with the contact form below or send a direct message on Facebook if you have a question. I can help you very quickly and easily in most cases. Other times, we will consult an industry professional from my personal list of Trusted Experts. Over the past 10 years, I have assembled an All-Star Team of Financial Professionals I call “The A+ Team”. These are the Experts you see regularly on the TV Show.
No question is too big or too small. Try me. I promise it won’t hurt 🙂