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How to know you’re being a greedy seller!
Every home seller wants to sell their property for top dollar, especially in our hot San Diego market, but Nadia Colucci points out some of the red flags that come up when dealing with greedy sellers.

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Getting sellers ready for a hot Chula Vista market!
Chula Vista is heating up so realtor, Anthony Manzon, wants to help homeowners prepare for the sale of their home around some of Chula Vista’s year-round school’s.

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What to do in a terrorist attack.
Former Navy Seal, Andrew Paul, shares what to do in the event of a terrorist attack and how people should continue to enjoy life.

The Bigger Picture
A brand new segment of Smarter San Diego TV brings together some of our favorite people to give us profound insight on life’s biggest questions. We are honored to hear from psychiatry professor Tahir Bhatti, meditation coach Ayesha Suneja, Rabbi Josh Burrows, and yoga instructor Heather Foat!

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