Smarter San Diego – Ep. 88 – Live on 4SD!

It’s time!! Get smarter with us on Smarter San Diego! We’re mixing it up this episode with some sweet topics!



1- BRYAN GARRITY ON WIN THIS LISTING: Hear about the behind-the-scenes action on the first episode of ‘Win This Listing‘ from winner Bryan Garrity and how he made the transaction work for his home-sellers.

2- THE REAL ESTATE DEBATE:  Jason Cassity, Lisa Ruiz, Ricky Silber, and Lauren Taylor discuss the following topics:
-Is Redfin good for home buyers and sellers?
-Should mortgage cross-qualifications be outlawed?

3- NEWTOPIA: Scott Ryan gives us a sneak peak of the latest buzz in Scripps Ranch; Newtopia Cyder.


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