False Savings from Tankless Water Heaters – The Truth

President of The Real Estate Inspection Company, Philippe Heller, is here to make us smarter about our homes once again! This time we’re talking tankless water heaters. Are they worth the investment and trouble? Philippe gives it to us straight!


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  1. Always good stuff! We recently replaced with a tankless and were fortunate not to have all the extra costs. If it should last twice what a conventional unit would costs. So the saving will be from the reduced savings in gas. Another consideration, and one that was high on my list is the extra space I gained by not having the conventional water heater. On another property that I own, the savings did not pencil out, so it now has a new energy efficient conventional water heater. It’s always smarter when you look at all the considerations!

  2. Great point, Thomas! Totally agree! The extra space can be a nice benefit for sure 🙂

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