Smarter San Diego – Ep. 68 – LIVE on CH4SD!

Time to get SMART with Smarter San Diego!


1- The San Diego Low Rider Gospel Fest is Bringing the Community Together. This powerful father and son duo are serving the San Diego community in a unique way that is giving hope for a more harmonious San Diego and world. Gabe Mendez and Pastor Richard Cisco bring us a touching story that will leave you inspired!

2- How to Time the Real Estate Market. Can you time the real estate market? Seller’s or Buyer’s market? Are interest rates decent? San Diego real estate expert, Voltaire Lepe, has some excellent advice for San Diegans to stay on top of a growing and changing market.


3- Foreclosures are on the Rise and Nobody’s Talking About it…Problem? Senior Loan Officer at Cornerstone Mortgage Group, Christian Griffin, is here to shed light on a currently neglected but crucial subject affecting the current real estate market.


4- Current State of The Real Estate Market in San Diego. What’s going on in the North County Inland San Diego market? Realtor and global property specialist, Sandra Loefgren, brings us up to date on current conditions and what to expect in the coming months.


5- The Real Estate Debate December 2016. Top San Diego Agents Gabe Mendez, Nada Benny, Nadia Colucci, and Joe Corbisiero discuss hot topics directly affecting the San Diego Real Estate Market…

Topic 1: With all these new laws popping up around San Diego about vacation rentals, buying one is probably too risky until the dust settles…

Topic 2: You should never sell your home in San Diego unless you have to…home values are just going to keep going UP UP UP!



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