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We hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends! And now… back to the grind, San Diego, with getting smarter… right here!


1- Polybutylene Plumbing in San Diego: Everything you Need to Know. What is polybutylene plumbing? If your house’s got it, get ready to listen up! Philippe Heller, with the Real Estate Inspection Company, is here help us prevent a plumbing nightmare! Questions?


2- The First Winery, Brewery & Restaurant All-in-one in San Diego is in Rancho Bernardo! It’s no secret that the craft beer scene in San Diego has blown up over the past couple years. Melissa Sofia brought on the co-founder of one of the fastest growing breweries in San Diego to discuss how the industry has changed San Diego for the better. Check out Abnormal Beer Co. at Cork & Brew in Rancho Bernardo – SD’s first brewery-winery-restaurant. Questions?

3- The 5 Keys to Keeping as Much Money in your Family as Possible During a Divorce. There is a lot to consider when making financial situations resulting from a divorce. Bryan Devore, realtor and partner of Divorce Home Solutions, brings us Founder of Your Money Advocate, Carlie Headapohl, to learn how to stay financial sound through the stressful divorce process. Questions?

4- How Solar Can Affect your Property Sale in San Diego. Real estate expert, Anthony Manzon, brings us Sunrun Solar’s Ryan Turner to discuss how we can use it to not only make the best of our home’s energy but also of a real estate transaction. Questions?

5- The Trump Effect on San Diego Real Estate. Now that the election is over, we can finally talk about how real estate in San Diego may change because of it. Top realtor, Elizabeth Story, is here with the 411! Questions for Elizabeth?
619-742-3979 or info@storyestates.com

6- Former Navy SEAL Weighs in on the Recent Election! Former Navy SEAL, Andrew Paul, has a lot to say about the results from our Presidential election as well as all the mayhem following. Filmed:

7- Giving Thanks – Man On The Street  with Rebecca Peters. Rebecca Peters takes us to the streets of Julian to find out what San Diegans are giving thanks for this Thanksgiving season.

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