Smarter San Diego – Ep. 58 – LIVE on CH4SD!


1- Success of Social Media in Real Estate! Our great friend and successful realtor, Anthony Manzon, is leading the pack with some fun and unique strategies to giving his clients the best results!

2- Liberty Station and its Effect on Real Estate in Point Loma! If you haven’t yet discovered this San Diego hidden treasure, Rebecca Tilt & Katie King are about to blow your mind! Everything you could imagine in a beautiful setting!

3- Mortgage Brokers are Still Around…and Doing Quite Well! If you’ve ever been confused about what exactly a mortgage broker does, Beth Svenson is here to answer your questions and get you thinking about working with one for your next purchase!

4- No Silence, No Violence. Shedding light on Domestic Abuse! Melissa Sofia brings us an inspiring leader in our community! Jessica Yaffa is helping domestic violence survivors create a better life!

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