Smarter San Diego – Ep. 43 – LIVE on CH4SD!

Join for another episode of Smarter San Diego! Lots of great information to make YOU… smarter than everyone else!



1- 3 Ways Meditation can help with Relationships: Whatever type of relationship you are in, you will absolutely learn some valuable ways to significantly improve them with Tahir Bhatti and Ayesha Suneja!

2- Economist: There are Still a Few Good Years Left in the San Diego Real Estate Market: Top San Diego lender, Dale Entrekin, fills us in on the state of the housing market!

3- Is Del Cerro going MAD??? Del Cerro residents Billy Colestock and Mark Rawlins discuss the possibility of making Del Cerro a Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) and what that would do for the community. Billy gives us a real estate update for the area and forecasts whether or not going MAD would help the market.

4- Benefits to working with a Team! Katie King tells us why you’ll want to consider hiring a team for your next real estate transaction!

5- Uncovering riches in an Estate Sale in San Diego! Mister Carlsbad, Bryan Devore, and his fabulous guests bring us up to date on the world of estate sales and how helpful they can be in the selling process!

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