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Looking to get smarter about real estate? Craft spirits made in San Diego? Helping veterans in San Diego? It’s all right here on Smarter San Diego!



Teaching Kids how to Prep for a Job Interview

Community advocate and realtor Billy Colestock brings on Jessica Sobel of Creating First Impressions – a group that provides the necessary job skills for those in need. Learn how you can help give these young adults the opportunity they need to succeed. 

Wounded Warrior Homes – housing those who served us all… 

Derek Barksdale of Military Mutual brings on Gene Jennett of Wounded Warrior Homes on the great work they’ve done to help veterans find a place to call home. 

619 Vodka Infusions are here! 

The Host of “Nicksology’ on ESPN Radio and owner of 619 Vodka, Nick Apostolopolous joins us to share some of the delicious new vodka infusions he’s making right here in San Diego! 

Take advantage of this short window in the Chula Vista real estate market

We get a forecast into the summer’s real estate market with Chula Vista expert, Anthony Manzon! If you’re looking to get into this area, or sell your home this summer, this is a must see! 

Is Encinitas real estate too expensive? 

We break down the real estate market of San Diego and specifically Encinitas with the experts at Jacobo Realty Group. Is the market over-priced?


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