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We get spiritual with Rabbi Josh Burrows, financially smarter with Glenn LaBar of Wealthbridge and a fun idea for families coming to La Mesa with Elizabeth Story and Depot Springs Beer Company! And finally, the second edition of Senior Stay Or Go – great information to help your aging family members!


1- The struggle is Real for modern day Religion: The percentage of Americans who believe in organized religion has reached an all-time low; Rabbi Josh Burrows shares with us his perspective on the future of modern day Religion.

2- Know this before you do anything with your retirement plan: Back by popular demand, Glenn LaBar of Wealthbridge is back to share his secrets on setting yourself up for a successful retirement, TODAY.

3- Depot Springs in La Mesa is 1000% awesome – mind blown! Community correspondent Elizabeth Story brings Aaron Dean of Depot Springs Beer Company to share their innovative new venue coming to the La Mesa area. Concerts, family fun, and an electronics-free zone for kids. There’s something for everyone here

4- Integrating medical care… just for SENIORS! Dr. Bob Uslander brings the Doctor back to the forefront by offering  compassionate WHOLE person health care for people with complex illness and facing end of life.  Dr. Bob leads a team of holistic health practitioners to maximize quality of life.

5- Tips for Senior Housing Options: Diane Masson, author of “Your Senior Housing Options” shares her personal journey, expertise, and knowledge of senior communities to guide you and your family to make financially sound and mentally smart senior housing choices.

6- Fredericka Manor Retirement Community’s Residents: Ron and Patti speak with residents and director of sales & marketing of Fredericka Manor, a famous Chula Vista retirement community, and some of the great amenities it offers!
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