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And we’re back with another great episode for you! Scripps Ranch, real estate, theatre and more!




1- Shen Yun is back in SD one more time for 2016  If you like Theatre, then Shen Yun is a MUST SEE. 5,000 years of Chinese history – all wrapped up in a spectacular theatrical performance. Sophia Fang, promoter for the show, shares why you need to see this ethereal show coming to San Diego for the last time at the San Diego Civic Theatre, March 25 – 27! 

2- Is Bernie Sander’s Tax Plan Legit? First Trump, now Bernie! Our favorite tax attorney bad ass, Jeffrey B. Kahn, helps us break down democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sander’s tax plan!

3- Leukemia & Lymphoma Society needs your help  Our favorite downtown expert, Nicole Hazleton, brings on Janet Hamada to share the great events in San Diego to help raise money for some great charities! #DontMissThis! 

4- Is the Palomar Airport Expansion worthy of your support? Mister Carlsbad brings on Olivier Brackett, the Manager of Palomar Airport, to discuss the Airport’s potential expansion and how that will affect traffic, noise and of course, real estate values!

5- Probate Real Estate Sales – What you need to know  Real estate expert Elizabeth Story and her special guest, Attorney Jason Ebert,  tell us everything about probate real estate. This is like getting a free consultation with an attorney. Priceless!

6- More Scripps Ranch homes hit the market, but demand is still “through the roof”… One-on-one with Scripps Ranch community correspondent Scott Ryan who tells us about “The Glen” Development coming soon and the current state of things in Scripps Ranch Real estate.


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