Senior Stay Or Go – Episode 1 – LIVE on CH4SD!

Welcome to the first episode of Senior Stay or Go! Hosts Ron Greewald and Patti Gerke provide you the resources and contacts to help you achieve the highest quality of life for senior citizens in San Diego. Don’t miss this great new show for seniors and their families!




1- Jewish Family Service: An all-star senior citizen organization in San Diego. Michael Hopkins, CEO of Jewish Family Service, shares the numerous programs and services his company provides that are invaluable to senior citizens. Watch and learn how you can join or help!

2- Meet the Design Team of Wesley Palms: Michael Paluso, associal project manager with M.W. Steele Group & Design at Wesley Palms and Ben Geske, executive Director of the Wesley Palms Senior Living Campus join us to talk about the beauty and design of Wesley’s Palms campus and new homes.

3- Wesley Palms  Pampers it’s residents! Pat Krause, a resident of the Wesley Palms senior living campus, shares all the ways Wesley Palms residents are pampered and how she enjoys a life of freedom instead of maintenance. She’s joined by Jodi Miller, sales manager at Wesley Palms.

4- Senior Citizens – Litigation and Estate Planning are vital! With over 20 years of experience, lawyer Merrianne Dean shares tips for seniors and their families to protect them from elder abuse. Don’t miss this segment – there’s tons of important information!

5- Catherine Blakespear Runnning for Mayor of Encinitas: We get to speak with Catherine Blakespear who is running for Mayor of Encinitas after her time on the city council. She shares thoughts on how she wants to make Encinitas more family friendly and how early estate planning can be a huge benefit for the whole family.


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