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Have you thought about getting smarter today? We’ve got a dose of that right here for you!




1- Laughter for a Cure is on April 2nd this year: Finding a reason to laugh even through hard times is exactly what Laughter for a Cure is about – joining us on the yellow couch is Riley Bacon, founder of Laughter for a Cure, shares the details on how the non-profit got started and when the next event will be! 

2- The Finest Women in Real Estate – New Reality Show: The Finest Women in Real Estate share what makes a super woman in their eyes – and share some of the details of their new, upcoming reality show! 

3- Social Media and Business…Is it worth it? Social media has changed the landscape for all businesses and Jason Cassity has jumped on it with his Twitter hashtag, #AskARealtor. We get to learn what he’s been doing to change the real estate business with it and he shared all his secrets in this segment!

4- How to use a VA Loan to buy multi-unit properties: Alanna Strei, a former Officer in the Navy and current real estate agent, shares details about the benefits a veteran can use when it comes to buying multi-unit homes! 

5- Can the San Diego Real Estate Market stay hot for much longer? Our Del Cerro real estate expert, Billy Colestock, gives us some one-on-one time regarding today’s real estate market! 


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