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A packed show with our usual suspects! Scott Ryan of Scripps Ranch, Elizabeth Story with insurance tips, tax attorney bad ass Jeffrey B. Kahn and more! 




1- The best way to buy a home in Scripps Ranch? Here’s the answer… Our Scripps Ranch community advocate, Scott Ryan, brings on his friend  Scott Boaman, to share what makes Synergy One Lending one of the most competitive lenders in the area! Also find out how to get the inside scoop on homes before they hit the market in Scripps Ranch.

2- You don’t have to take our word for it…check this out! The ever-creative real estate/lifestyle marketer, Priscilla Rodriguez, Your Property Matchmaker, shares the exciting new things she’s up to in real estate marketing, it’s effects and how you can get on her famous mailing list! 

3- Is that bet I won on the Super Bowl taxable as income? Our tax attorney bad ass, Jeffrey B. Kahn, joins us again to share some little known tax break tidbits for adults who have to care after their parents, what to do with your gambling wins/losses and more! 

4- How has Santee made so much progress lately? People like this… The Nicest Guy in San Diego Real Estate, Daniel Buksa, brings on Santee council member Rob McNelis to share what makes Santee the next region you should be looking at; growing businesses, a community that truly cares… it’s all in Santee! 

5- Moving doesn’t have to be so tough… Real estate expert Voltaire Lepe brings Sandi Menderson of Bella Reflections to share the intricacies of helping seniors transition from one house to another and how they make the move as easy and thoughtful as possible! 

6- This is the insurance you should actually have… One of our favorite real estate experts, Elizabeth Story, brings on her go-to insurance broker, Ross Wood from Double Diamond Insurance, on the small things most people overlook when it comes to getting insurance. Don’t miss this one! 


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