Smarter San Diego – Episode 27 – Live on CH4SD

An awesome show for a busy city! New developments in Del Cerro and Bay Park; more veteran helping opportunities and a fascinating look at Eastern medicine! You won’t want to miss this – we’re on live on CH4SD at 11AM!




1- This Doctor chose Eastern Medicine after Medical School and here’s why… Looking for another perspective on your physical pain? Meet Derrick’s acupuncturist – Dr. Pegah Homayoun – who mixes Eastern Medicine with Western Medicine for a full body work up that will change the way you look at sickness and pain! 

2- This non-profit is getting Veterans a Career, not just a job: Derek Barksdale of Military Mutual brings on former military friend, Hernan Luis Y Prado of Workforce for Warriors – a trade school that trains veterans for free and has a 100% work placement rate. Find out how you can help this one of a kind school and it’s amazing mission! 

3- The Redevelopment of Bay Park – Buy or Sell? Sean Cahan and Max Folkers talk about the older, yet very desirable Bay Park area near PB. Are the redevelopment plans good enough to buy now or should you consider selling based on all the hype? Find out here!

4- New 26 Home Development in Del Cerro is rocking the boat! Our Del Cerro community advocate Billy Colestock brings on Jay Wilson, another long-time supporter of all things Del Cerro! They discuss details about this new development and legitimate traffic concerns for the area.

5- Coastal Rail Trail is causing Controversy in Cardiff: Everyone is getting riled up on the Coastal rail trail controversy! Michael Jacobo, Encinitas real estate expert, gives us the low-down on what’s happening and how the rail trail will help/hurt Encinitas real estate prices.

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