“Measure A” causing a ruckus in Carlsbad

Measure A is coming up for public vote in Carlsbad – get the scoop on what it is, how it impacts you and how to have your voice heard! In this segment we hear from Mister Carlsbad, Bryan Devore, and the Mayor of Carlsbad, Matt Hall. 



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2 replies

  1. Very biased journalism to not present the opposing view. Journalist have a moral as well as an ethical responsibility to present all sides of an issue. At the very least you should have stated that Caruso Affiliated by-passed CEQA by circulating a petition with paid people that was headlined “saving the strawberry fields and our lagoon” and has spent over 8 million dollars, making this the most expensive initiative in county history.

  2. Biased? No. Not done the way you like it based on what your ideals and opinions are…sure. We didn’t bring someone on to promote Measure A. We brought the Mayor on to talk about the issue. The fact that the Mayor is a proponent of Measure A is on him. He’s your elected official in Carlsbad. If you don’t like his opinions or answers, you should take it up with him!

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