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1- Live Well San Diego! San Diegans love good food, good weather and the key to enjoying it all? Good health! Nick Macchione from Live Well San Diego is making a real difference in the community – and you can too! 

2- Is East County growing too fast? East County is considered the best kept secret of San Diego, but has it’s growth been too quick and made it a risky place to invest? THE Mortgage Geek, Sean Cahan, is joined by New Leaf Realty to discuss!

3- The risky and safe ways to invest in Downtown Real Estate: Our favorite downtown real estate expert, Nicole Hazleton, gives you the scoop on the safe and risky ways to invest in Downtown San Diego real estate! 

4- THE REAL ESTATE DEBATE: Is now a good time to invest in San Diego real estate? We hear from the Professionals in the trenches! This segment is co-hosted by Daren Greig; guests include Sean Germon, John Fleming and Larry Abrams


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