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1- Is China going to cause the Stock Market to crash? Is it a good time to buy Oil? Hedge fund manager Steve Bick joins us to share his genius on global markets! Don’t miss this – he’ll make you smarter than everyone else – guaranteed! 

2- How to help someone with PTSD: Derek Barksdale of Military Mutual has brought on many great guests that help veterans here in San Diego. Now, he brings on Sheila Henry, a licensed counselor with experience helping veterans with PTSD. Don’t miss this moving segment!

3- The 3 Options Home Sellers need to Consider: The Nicest Guy in San Diego Real Estate, Daniel Buksa, brings on Brian Daly of REIG Renovations to discuss the 3 options Home Sellers need to consider! 

4- These tax breaks have been brought back to life! Our favorite tax attorney bad ass Jeffrey B. Kahn shares these GREAT tax breaks – don’t miss out! 

5-  7 secrets to beat out other buyers and get your offer accepted without paying the highest price: Voltaire Lepe has 7 secrets to help you get the HOUSE YOU WANT! 


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