Sneak Peek at Episode 22 of Smarter San Diego!

We’re all PUMPED to get back on set and ROCK IT this year! Check out the open for the show here!



UPCOMING Segment Topics/Guests:

1-  Chargers on the way out…good riddance? The former producer for Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton, Bobby Wooldridge, joins us to talk sports and life in San Diego! We love this guy and you will too! 

2 – An easier way to move has finally arrived! Mister Carlsbad Bryan Devore brings on Jami Shapiro to talk about Silver Linings Transitions – a Carlsbad company dedicated to the smooth and significant transition many seniors make when moving. Learn about their mission and how they can help you! 

3 – Versant Realty, a new Brokerage in San Diego: Tyreshias Guarnotta of Versant Realty tells us about the Versant touch they bring to San Diego real estate – unique, classy and fun! 

4 – Investing in Del Cerro: Del Cerro community advocate Billy Colestock brings on Jim Ritter of Apollo Realty Investments to discuss the market and what many Sellers of out-dated homes can do in Del Cerro.

5 – Principal of Jerabek Elementary is in the house! Scripps Ranch community correspondent Scott Ryan brings on Principal Kristie Joiner of Jerabek Elementary School to discuss what makes this school GREAT and why that helps real estate in Scripps Ranch.

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