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Happy December, Smarter San Diegans! Enjoy our “best of” show featuring some of the most interesting guests on Smarter San Diego!




Should Encinitas build more low-income housing?

The City of Encinitas has come under fire for not building enough low income housing accordingly to California Law. Encinitas realtor Michael Jacobo brings Attorney Tim McNulty to break down the details and how YOU can get involved in the discussion!

The Yoga Revolution in San Diego

Yoga may be the official San Diegan sport! Yogi, Heather Foat, talks about the spiritual side of yoga and what it means to really practice the art of Yoga.

The New School of Journalism

Social media has made a huge impact on traditional journalism – Phoebe Chongchua, a news anchor/journalist turned brand journalist/podcaster, shares with her new slant on journalism: “Brand journalism.” What is it? How will it change the future? How can you use it to your advantage? Find out here.

Finally the TRUTH about the Drought in California…

Filmmaker Jacob Morrison talks about his film, “Rivers End: California’s Latest Water War” and shares his thoughts on the water crisis that California desperately needs to deal with!

San Diego’s Funny Man Mike Vinn

Comedian and good friend, Mike Vinn, tells us what’s new in his world, what it’s like running The Comedy Store in La Jolla and who the nicest guys are in Showbiz.

Modern Day Holocaust is Happening Right Now in China…

Siyamak Khorrami, a Human Rights Activist, shares the unspeakable atrocities taking place on foreign soil. He gives us the details on forced organ harvesting in China and how you can help spread the word and put a stop to it by liking and sharing the above Facebook page.


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