Smarter San Diego – Episode 18 – LIVE on CH4SD

The holidays are coming fast and Smarter San Diego is here to help you coast along with some great year-end tax tips, VA loan tips and other fun stuff!

 VA Loan Myths and more! Here to set us straight on common VA loan myths and must-know’s are Santee Community Correspondent Daniel Buksa and his special guest from Veterans United, Chris Cano.

Best year-end tax tips for 2015… Tis the season and the Holidays are upon us… as are taxes! But don’t worry, board certified tax attorney Jeffrey Kahn is here to give us some GREAT tips to get you through the season!

Is it wise to sell your home during the Holidays? Top Chula Vista realtor Anthony Manzon of Team Manzon breaks down buying or selling during the holidays! And then break-dances in the studio! Must see! 

What is the True status of Real Estate in San Diego? Roll up those cuff links and loosen those ties because our all guys Panel don’t agree on much on this edition of the Real Estate Debate!  Co-Hosting is Dale Entrekin with SynergyOne Lending.

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