Smarter San Diego – Episode 16 – LIVE on CH4SD!

An episode chock full of awesome San Diego community-based segments!  The Scripps Ranch Association and what they do for the community. Golden hill as the HOT new real estate market! See it all in this week’s episode!

Smarter San Diego is also eager to announce and welcome our official, new show co-host: Rebecca Peters!




SCRA is there for Scripps Ranch… The Scripps Ranch Civic Association is doing a great deal to help the community – and here’s how you can get involved! We’re joined by Scripps Ranch community member/real estate expert Scott Ryan and his guest Bob Ilko, president of the SCRA.

 Golden Hill is HOT! Golden Hill real estate expert Voltaire Lepe tells us why Golden Hill is so hot (location, location, location!) and if it’s a good time to sell. Watch for his free offer in the video!

Property owners need to know this… Official tips on renting property, property heirs and tax benefits for home sellers… from Estate attorney Brenda Geiger and Mister Carlsbad, Bryan Devore

Seller beware: #1 Tip for Home-Sellers: Beware of “Buying the listing”… Bryan Garrity, our Metro San Diego real estate expert, warns of realtors who “buy the listing” and how you can avoid it…

Divorce with Dignity and Nuance… Someone gets divorced every 10 to 13 seconds—In the time it took you to read to this point, someone got divorced. A good lawyer and realtor can help make the home selling transition easier. Elizabeth Story breaks down the nuances of selling homes during a divorce along with advice from Elaine Heine – Family Law Attorney. 

Agent Brent Humpherys takes technology to a new and personally tailored level in Real Estate… Great realtors are realtors who have the home sellers’ best interest in mind. And that’s exactly who Brent Humpherys is – Humphrey breaks his use of technology and genuinely good advice to make himself stand out in the crowd. 


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