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This episode – JAM PACKED with informative guests and great topics – you’ll want to see this! And, as always, this will make you smarter than everyone else!




1- Update from the Principal of Hearst Elementary in Del Cerro… It’s Red Ribbon Week at Hearst Elementary, so Real estate expert Elizabeth Story decided to bring principal Jamie Jorgensen on to the show! We discuss Red Ribbon Week and what the school is doing to foster community and growth for their students/parents! 

2- The Gun Laws Californians NEED to know… Guns are a hot topic but do you REALLY know the details of California gun law? We’re joined by criminal defense attorney Melissa Bobrow to hash out some of the surprising details you need to know! 

3- The Meditation Initiative…this is just Awesome! Jeffrey Zlotnik, Founder of the Meditation Initiative, joins us to discuss how You can get started and what you’ll gain from a daily 5 minute meditation! You’ll want to check this out!

4- The Real Estate Debate is back! We’re at it again with the Real Estate Debate! This month’s Panelists are San Diego broker Steve Brant, real estate agent Bill Morton, Property Matchmaker Priscila Rodriguez! And last but not least, debate co-host, Sean Cahan, VP of Cornerstone Mortgage !

           Quick break down of Debate Topics:

           Debate 1: “With home values in San Diego near record highs, it probably makes more sense to rent than it does to buy for most people…”

           Debate 2: Each contestant will tell us about a specific micro-market in San Diego which they believe is either HOT or NOT-SO-HOT.

           Debate 3: How is the lending environment factoring in to your job as an agent right now?

           Debate 4: I’d like to air my concerns about Not just that Zillow is providing bad information, but they are being supported financially by many agents in the marketplace. Please tell me how an agent could justify supporting an organization that purposely generates inaccurate information for consumers in the name of profit.


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