Smarter San Diego – Episode 13 – LIVE on Ch4SD!

We’re already on our 13th episode! A fantastic group of guests! Don’t miss this! 



1. Military Mutual is committed to helping Veterans in San Diego – Derek Barksdale, founder of Military Mutual, joins us again on Smarter San Diego – and this time, he is joined by Donna Woodrum, President of the American Culture Council, Inc to talk about their new reality show called “Warrior Home!”

2. The Market is shifting: Now you MUST stage your home before selling – Learn how to “stage” your home for sale with Mister Carlsbad, Bryan Devore, and Deborah Brischler, a professional stager! 

3. Selling a property in a Divorce – Divorce is difficult enough. Learn what else you  need to know about selling property through a divorce with real estate expert Frederick Remick and Family Law Attorney Lori Viviano

4. Is Trump’s Tax Plan LEGIT? – Tax attorney BAD ASS Jeffrey Kahn breaks down Trump’s tax plan – is it legitimate? Would it work in the real world? 

5. Why VA Buyers should be looking for homes in Chula Vista – Real estate expert Anthony Manzon and Senior Loan Consultant Jason Pollington break it down for us!


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