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We’re bringing back the Real Estate Debate back and it’s just as sexy as it was on the radio! This time, it’s on TV – AND we have a number of other great guests. You’ll want to watch this episode!



  1. The Real Estate Debate: Agree or Disagree?: “Buying a home is now easier because of websites like Zillow and Redfin.”

Co-Host is Dale Entrekin with SynergyOne Lending.

Guests include:

Linda Kline with Whissel Realty

Erica Bocian with Rising Realty

Jeff Campbell of JCA

2. The Real Estate Debate: Agree or Disagree?: Prices in San Diego County are currently too high for anyone sensible to make an investment in real estate.”

3. How Ego is running our lives and what to do about it… Psychology Professor and spiritual leader, Ayesha Suneja breaks down the difference between Ego and Soul consciousness and how we can all be happier. 

4. Should you sell your home in North Park (92104) right now? Host of Big Daddy Radio and our Metro San Diego real estate expert, Bryan Garrity, tells us about the market in North Park right now and the explosion this area has seen over the years. 

5. A different take on the Chargers new Stadium discussion… Sports writer, pro-Chargers stadium advocate and balloon artist, Dan McLellan, shares with us his take on why we should go with the proposed stadium! A must watch for San Diego Chargers fans! 

6. Is Encinitas still ALL THAT? Michael Jacobo, Encinitas real estate expert, shows us the different communities of Encinitas and why you might want to consider living there! 



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