Contest: We are looking for a Musician to compose a Theme song for our TV Show!

Are you a Musician or Composer? Do you know someone who is? This is a great opportunity for a San Diego musician to get some major exposure and contribute a song that will get credits coming for years.

Here is how the contest works:

  • Anyone can enter, no age requirements.
  • Concept can be any kind of music from Folk to Rap. The theme should be around the idea of “being smarter” because the theme for Smarter San Diego is “making you smarter than everyone else”, but that’s it.
  • Write your song/jingle and submit a quick video or audio file to
  • 3 Finalists will be chosen to perform their version LIVE in studio during the show.
  • A winner will be chosen internally after we get feedback from viewers.

Compose-away and we look forward to hearing what you can do!

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6 replies

  1. Sounds like a nice way to get something for free. Does the winning composer get to keep all the rights to the song?

    “Exposure” is not good renumeration. Would you hold a contest for electricians and camera persons to win a chance to work on your show?

    Music is valuable. Please pay for it. If it’s not valuable enough to you to pay for a song, then don’t use one.

  2. Negative Nancy? Is that you? Here is a simple solution. Just ignore it. If you read something you don’t like, then just ignore it. Why spread negative vibes? Why go on a Crusade to dirty the waters of a small organization that is trying to HELP musicians. We don’t need a theme song! We created this competition to try and get exposure the musicians out there in San Diego who would not otherwise have it. Don’t be a hater man. Creating your own bad Karma. Good luck to you.

  3. HELP musicians by paying for their work. Simple.

  4. Is it NOT helping Musicians to offer thousands of dollars in exposure just for writing a jingle? My bad. Just don’t apply then, Sir.

  5. This “exposure” you speak of doesn’t pay the bills. What kind of exposure are you even talking about here? Let’s be perfectly honest here. Asking anyone to work for free is not helping anyone, even if you supposedly promise exposure. If I called a plumber and asked him to fix my kitchen sink and the only thing I offered as payment was the exposure of having his van parked outside my house, he’d think I’m nuts. It’s the exact same thing with musicians. You either pay for it just like with any other product, or you do without.

  6. Not true, Eric. If I had wanted to take the quick and easy way out on this, I could have EASILY downloaded one of the many tracks online that are completely Free and also Royalty Free. However, my show is about the community of San Diego and I promote all sorts of people so I thought, why not give some musicians an opportunity? How silly of me!

    But you’re probably right. I mean, Beethoven would have never composed anything without getting paid for it right? Certainly, before he put pen to paper, he had a check in his hand.

    Look, I understand if you don’t understand how media, PR and exposure works, but it’s extremely expensive and literally the difference between making it and not making it in the music space. There are thousands of legit musicians out there, just as good as the ones who are rich doing the same thing. What’s the difference? Exposure. Marketing themselves. That’s it.

    In my case, when I first started on the radio, I actually PAID the radio station to have the chance to do my show because NO ONE believed in me. I did it so I could get the exposure, get a following and therefore get sponsors. Eventually, I got to a point years later where I could make a living doing what I loved.

    Don’t worry, I get it. Sometimes it’s tough to the see the forest through the trees. But here’s the really good news. You can just NOT submit an audition and boom! You will not get anything for it. Just keep on chuggin along and good luck to you Sir.

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