Smarter San Diego – LIVE on Ch4SD, NOW! Episode 8

This week’s episode bring you great, informative content for our Smarter San Diegans!

First up: Mr. Carlsbad, real estate expert Bryan Devore, joins us to talk about Carlsbad and what buyers and sellers need to know in the 92011 area.

Next: Board Certified Tax Attorney, Jeff Kahn, shares new tax tips for married couples, summertime tax tips, deducting job search expenses and more!

Next: More financial tips for an under-funded retirement from our reverse mortgage specialists, Scott and Christina Harmes of What’s long term care insurance and how can you fund it with a reverse mortgage?

Next: We’re joined by members of ALEXA, a local San Diego-based band, who talks about their current musical endeavors and share their hit single, “Do What You Do.”

Finally: Scripps Ranch most notable fires were back in 2003 and 2007. Scott Ryan, real estate expert in Scripps Ranch, is joined by special guest, president of the Fire Safe Council, Kristin Rayder. They give you tips on how to protect your investment and your family from the dangers of Fire Season. 

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