Smarter San Diego – Best of Show Episode! LIVE on Channel 4 SD

Enjoy this “Best of Show” episode! Guests include:

1. The Green Rush has hit America and Tim Strombel, media director at – the online leader and reporter in cannabis industry, tells you how you can get in on the green!  He also explains what the future may look like for legal Cannabis use in California.

2. Scott Ryan, Scripps Ranch resident and Real Estate Expert, tells us how the area has evolved after all these years of being one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in San Diego County. Find out what Scott thinks will happen from here by watching this video.

3. Internationally renowned, Davidji discusses his new book “Destressifying”, shows us a 16-second meditation and makes me LOL several times!

4. Dale Entrekin, a Top 10 Mortgage Lender in San Diego (according to the Poll on, discusses his Conservative beliefs and questions whether Donald Trump has good intentions. He also talks about the Government’s new cash cow…mortgages.

5. Siyamak Khorrami, a Human Rights Activist, shares the unspeakable atrocities taking place on foreign soil. He gives us the details on forced organ harvesting in China and how you can help spread the word and put a stop to it by liking and sharing the above Facebook page.

6. Scott and Christina Harmes – our reverse mortgage experts at C2 Reverse Mortgage – tell you how you can secure your retirement future with reverse mortgages!



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