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It’s Sunday! Take a breath of fresh air, grab your coffee and sit back as you watch Smarter San Diego TV – where we guarantee to make you smarter than everyone else!

In this episode, we speak with:

Davidji discusses his new book “Destressifying“, shows us a 16-second meditation and makes me LOL several times!

Dale Entrekin, a Top 10 Mortgage Lender in San Diego (according to the Poll on, discusses his Conservative beliefs and questions whether Donald Trump has good intentions. He also talks about the Government’s new cash cow…mortgages.

– Derek Barksdale, the Founder of, discusses his vision for the Company – Veterans helping other Veterans with housing needs in San Diego.

– Expert Consultant and Business Strategist Ed Jenks discusses his new book, “CEO Point Blank” on Smarter San Diego TV  – What does it take to be a successful CEO? How do you become a CEO in the first place?

– Cyber crimes attorney Justine Phillips from Sheppard-Mullin, gives us 7 ways to protect your family from cyber crimes.

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