3 Reasons why Donald Trump is doing so well in the Polls…

As of August 5th, it looks like Donald Trump will run-away with the Republican nomination based on the Poll data available… The graph you see below is an average of all the major polls done by RealClearPolitics.com – But how could the Business Icon be doing so well in a Political Poll?

from RealClearPolitics.com

from RealClearPolitics.com


Reason #1The Truth. The people of this Country are sick of being told what they want to hear. We are savvy to these sales techniques which we’re bombarded with every day. You may not like or agree with what Trump says, but it’s pretty obvious he’s telling the truth and that’s incredibly refreshing for many people. He’s not afraid to incriminate himself or admit that he’s made mistakes. People have been looking for someone like this to run the country for decades. This sort of straight-forward, brash approach connects directly with the younger generations of Voters.

Reason #2He’s not a Politician. It’s very obvious when you see Trump on stage next to career politicians, he’s not like them. He’s a completely different breed of individual. There are a lot of closet-Trump-fans out there and they all say the same thing…“I wish he was a little more careful about what he says”, but I promise you this, it’s the fact that he isn’t careful about what he says that gives him a chance. If he were careful about what he said, maybe he wouldn’t tell the truth as much, maybe he would sound just like the career politicians. That’s not what people want and the polls make it abundantly clear.

Reason #3He doesn’t owe anybody anything. Guess who is in Donald Trump’s pocket? NOBODY. He is the only person in the race, on either side of the isle, who doesn’t owe a LOT of favors based on campaign donations. These donations are usually made by special interest groups to the candidate’s campaign-funding sources with the expectation that the candidate will provide support to the special interest group when needed in the future. Trump has NONE of that going on and everybody knows it. He doesn’t owe anybody ANYTHING. He’s already made all the money anyone could ever need. Therefore, his motivations to “Make America Great Again” are more believable to people than a career politician who is potentially using their political power to accumulate wealth. Trump already has wealth and everyone knows that.

Whether you like Trump or not, it appears that he is a real force to be reckoned with in the 2016 Presidential Race. We expect his numbers to climb higher as the closet-Trump-fans continue to “come out”.

Please let us know your thoughts on why you DO or DONT like Trump for President in 2016…

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