What will it take to get millenials into the Real Estate Market?

millennialsDid you miss out on our show yesterday because you were preparing for the Super Bowl? Well we’ve got you covered! We had a fantastic show with a panel of experts who came on to show their knowledge! James Pieri Jr. led us off with a fantastic discussion about the changing dynamic of commercial real estate. Downtown San Diego is in the midst of a build up period in commercial Real Estate where Office Spaces and High Rise condominiums are taking over. You’ll definitely want to hear what he had to say about the current commercial Real Estate Market. James was followed by our Bankruptcy attorney Thom Hipke of newpathlaw.com, who once again brought the knowledge that you might need to help you out of a tough situation! Finally our show concluded with a segment with Brian Curry of briancurry.com and a big topic of interest was how we can get millennials into the Real Estate market. Brian Curry thinks it will take agents who understand millennials better who can also manage their expectations in a positive way, while Mr. C thinks it might take more millenials becoming agents before that happens. It was a great show you won’t want to miss!

To listen to the audio only version of the broadcast click on the player below or head to our KFMB podcast page here

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