Introducing our New Bankruptcy Attorney Thom Hipke!

thom-hipke-lawyer (1)Change is one of the true constants in this world and one that we must all learn to embrace! That’s why we are very excited to announce to everyone a change that we’re undertaking here at Mr. Credit radio, a new partnership that we think is going to be truly fantastic! We’d love for you to meet Thom Hipke of New Path Law Center, our new bankruptcy attorney. Over the few months we’ve been getting to know Thom pretty well, and let us tell you the man isn’t just a smart guy with no personality, he’s hilarious and has a ton of stories to share. Also, he just gets people! He’s here to help you in a bankruptcy situation where stress can be so commonplace. He’s the right man for the job and we couldn’t be more excited about this fantastic change. So without further ado, here’s a little more background on our newest show partner!

Thom Hipke

Thom Hipke, founder and lead partner for New Path Law Center, strives to be the top bankruptcy attorney in San Diego and Southern California bringing financial freedom and viable stress relief to all who need his service. To do so Thom, along with his network of experienced and trusted professionals, provides the wisdom and compassion of the best possible representation in bankruptcy filings and the accompanying decisions. A graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder and the University Of San Diego School Of Law, Thom has served both personal and creditor bankruptcy clients since 1999. Prior to New Path Law Center Thom was a Supervising Attorney over a large staff at one of the largest bankruptcy firms in San Diego and all of California. Prior to that, Thom co-founded and was General Counsel of a marketing software company that received up to $20MM in venture funding and was named in Newsweek as a business to watch. (The company was sold in 2006). He is a member of the State Bar of California, and admitted to practice in California State courts, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California, and the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Thom’s Honors & Recognitions include:

– Named one of the Top Five Filing Bankruptcy Attorneys in San Diego and the Southern District of California (as published in 2011/2012 quarterly reports compiled by 722 Redemption).

– Awarded the Wiley W. Manuel Award for Pro Bono Legal Services for voluntary provision of legal services to the poor.

– Certified in “Community Chaplaincy” and “Pastoral Crisis Intervention” by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (in order to serve as part of the first responders teams).

– Selected to serve two stints as U.S. Secret Service while in law school during Presidential visits serving the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the U.S President (San Diego visits by President Clinton, Vice-President Gore and their staff).

Contact Thom via phone at (760) 913-7284 to set up a consultation today!

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