Big News! We’re moving!

New Station ImageThe Mr. Credit Show is proud to announce that we’re changing things up! Starting in October we will be leaving our longtime weekday home on ESPN 1700 AM. Instead, you can catch us on Sundays on new station KFMB 760 AM from noon to 3 PM! KFMB is one of the preeminent talk radio stations in all of San Diego and this move is going to be great for our guests, listeners, and the community as we hope to better serve your needs with this change.

We’ll kick off our move to KFMB on October 5th with an hour of the Real Estate Debate, which, for the first time ever, will include four agents on the panel! We’re looking to bring several past champions and show regulars onto that debate in order to kick off the new station right. The Real Estate Debate will air every Sunday on KFMB from 12-1PM.

After our agents get their debate on host Derrick “Mr. Credit” Evens will bring on his usual panel of estate planning, tax attorney, mortgage, and real estate experts for two hours of Money Talk with Mr. C. Show regulars such as Jon Jerotz, Jeff Khan, Jarod Cauzza, and Dan Osgood will still be making appearances in this new format and are glad to get Mr. Credit back in the hosting hot seat.

Ultimately, despite the new time slot and station our show will mostly stay the same. We’re still looking forward to helping make YOU smarter and working with real experts throughout the San Diego community. So join us in celebrating this exciting change and follow us as we head forward towards bigger and better things!

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