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Middle Class ScholarshipsDid you know that California is the first state to try and address the middle class’ ability to send their kids to college? Starting in the fall, the California Middle Class Scholarship will offer up to 40% of a child’s tuition if they enroll at a California Public University (either a UC or CSU school) and their family makes less than $150,000. It’s these types of initiatives that need to be trumpeted and spread to all those families that have paying for college on the brain, and it leads to one crucial piece of advice we can give you here at Mr. Credit Radio: even if you think you aren’t eligible for Financial Aid, make sure to fill out the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) anyway, you never know what you’re eligible for!

Dan Osgood of DCO Wealth Management was in the studio today, and he did touch on the California Middle Class Scholarship as well as other issues effecting consumers, business, finance, and the economy. Show regular Jarod Cauzza of Neil Dymott Attorneys called in during the second and third segments and they had a fantastic discussion including the 10 Biggest Estate Planning mistakes people often make. Make sure to tune in and find out what those mistakes are so you don’t make them!

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