Is Donald Sterling really back to suing the NBA?

donald sterlingWell he’s BACK! Donald Sterling has reneged on everything he’s said the past week and IS going to sue the NBA. This should surprise absolutely NO ONE as Sterling has always had a reputation as a serial litigator who loves to tie things up in court for years and years. While the NBA has taken many steps to try and cripple Sterling’s power and make it rather pointless for him to sue, they can’t stop the man from continually showing his true colors. Regular guest Jarod Cauzza of Neil Dymott Attorneys was in studio today with Guest Host Dan Osgood of and they got our show off to a hot start with a rousing discussion about Sterling and his on again off again law suit against the NBA. But they didn’t stop there! Our panel discussed everything from student loans being capped, to  401K expenditures, to divorce proceedings and much more!

To see the broadcast in its entirety click here or on the photo below:Screenshot

To listen to the audio only version of the broadcast click on the player below: 

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