Where are the best school districts in San Diego?

San_Diego_High_SchoolAre you looking to move, but aren’t quite sure where in San Diego your kids will get a high quality education? Are you worried about landing in a neighborhood that looks beautiful, but leaves your children struggling to catch up to the ever increasing high standard of education colleges look for? Well we’ve got the answer for you! Guest Host Jon Jerotz of Synergy One Lending was back behind the mic today, and he had a fantastic panel of experts in studio with him including Seth O’Byrne of sethsold.com and Eric Union of W.J Bradley. Our panel kicked off today’s show with a discussion of the Belmont Stakes and the rant that California Chrome’s owner went on post-race before diving into the hottest Real Estate topics in the San Diego market!

To view the broadcast in it’s entirety click here or on the photo below: snapshot

To view the audio only version of the broadcast please click on the player below:


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