Are you looking for a fun activity for you and a special senior in your life?

lawn bowlsAs your parents, grandparents, and friends start to age it’s hard to keep them active in life. The sheer difficulty of getting them out of the house and interested in new and exciting ventures is one that many people face. Perhaps they’ve lost their significant other and are having trouble socializing with anyone at that point. Well if that’s a dilemma you’re facing your in look because our Senior Show may have the perfect solution. Guest Host Ron Greenwald is the Expert Realtor for Seniors and he was joined in studio today by Georgie Deno, the president of the Lake Hodges Bowls Club, and they discussed a game that’s fun for people of all ages, the long-storied game of Lawn Bowls. Georgie is a testament to how the game can keep anyone young at heart and provide a fun-filled afternoon for everyone! She got into the game after she found herself single for the first time in 40 years and fell in love shortly after. Tune in to hear her story and the wonderful impact the game of bowls can have on you and your most treasured seniors.

Joining Ron and Georgie in studio today was our very own insurance expert Craig Gussin of Auerbach and Gussin, and he had some critical knowledge that you don’t want to miss! He discussed some of the loopholes that people have found with Obama Care that may come back to bite them when the IRS comes knocking on their door next year. He also, discussed the importance of planning for you and your loved ones long term healthcare early so you’re not left scrambling if and when an accident, injury, or illness occurs. It was some GREAT information that you don’t want to miss. So tune in to today’s episode and get just a bit smarter.

To view the full broadcast in it’s entirety click here or on the photo below: ScreenshotTo hear the audio only version of the broadcast click on the player below:

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