Phil Mickelson…Insider Trader or Just a Guy Looking Out For His Own Finances?

Phil MickelsonThe Phil Mickelson insider trading story has been making waves for the past week, and it’s a topic we here at the Mr. Credit show are completely intrigued by! As we’ve read more and more about the case a few clear and succinct questions have started to rattle about in our brains. Most importantly we want to know:

1.) Did he actually do anything that is morally wrong
2.) Is he some scoundrel who intentionally went out to hurt people? Or did he just respond to a tip given by someone he knows?
3.) Would you be able to resist a juicy tip that could make you a nice chunk of change? Would it be right to vilify you for doing so?

Today’s Wise Wednesday broadcast got started with a thought provoking discussion of the Lefty, before diving into the Real Estate and mortgage sectors with an expert panel on board! Feel free to join in on discussion by watching the broadcast and then commenting on our blog or one of our social media accounts!

Today’s Panel

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