Frivolous Lawsuits, Auto Loans, and More on Turnaround Tuesday!

frivolous lawsuits Dan Osgood of the Portfolio Doctors was back in the house today guest hosting, and he had show regular Jarod Cauzza of Neil Dymott in studio with him celebrating Turnaround Tuesday with a wide range of Financial and Legal topics to whet your appetite for knowledge. For instance, how versed are you in the auto loan industry? Are you aware of the big changes that industry is undergoing? Is it effecting you directly? Our host and guest dispersed some critical knowledge on that subject in our very first segment. Or perhaps you’re someone who was riveted when the women sued McDonald’s for her coffee being too hot. Well Jarod and Dan covered 10 of the absolute craziest lawsuits out there right now. Or maybe, you miss our regular host Derrick Evens and will be excited to hear him call in with a question for Jarod about Estate Planning. Regardless, our coverage is wide ranging on Turnaround Tuesday, so tune in and get just a little bit smarter!

To view the broadcast in its entirety click here or on the photo below: To listen to the audio only version of the broadcast click on the player below: 


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