Starting your home buying or selling journey? What should YOU look for in a Realtor?

real estate agentBuying or selling a home can be a stressful process, with tons of hoops, bells and whistles for you to go through. The LAST thing you want to deal with in that situation is a Realtor who you don’t think is up to snuff. But what should you look for in a Real Estate Agent so that you can feel confident that they’re able to get the job done?

Guest Host Jon Jerotz of Synergy One Lending was back in the studio for Macro-Monday and he was joined by Jeff Hans from RE/MAX Associates, and they dove into the question of what qualities make a good Realtor. But they didn’t stop there! They touched on a wide range of topics in the Real Estate industry including CNN’s article about the decreased rate of Millennial Home Ownership, the state of the Real Estate market right now, and the importance of making relationships when conducting Real Estate deals. It’s time for you to tune in and get smarter!

You can view our by clicking here or on the photo below: Screen Shot

To hear an audio only version of the broadcast click on the player below:


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