Interested in Learning how America’s CEO’s did in Fiscal Year 2013?

CEO PayWere you busy on Tuesday and missed out on our show? Well we’ve got an In Case You Missed It post today! We had our very own Financial Planner Dan Osgood of DCO Wealth Management in studio as guest host, and he had Jarod Cauzza of Neil Dymott Attorneys on the horn through the first two segments, before special guests Steve Bick of the Portfolio Doctors and Mr. Credit himself stopped by! Jarod and Dan got us started by discussing the top paid CEOs in the country and their ridiculous salaries! Did you know that that the top 50 CEOs were paid more in 2013 then in 2012? That the median pay of these CEO’s saw an increase? Any clue to who the highest paid CEO was last year? Well Jarod and Dan have you covered on all those questions and much more!

To view the full broadcast just click on the video below:

To hear the audio only version of the broadcast click on the player below: 

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