Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

Guest host Jofreddie and frannien Jerotz of Synergy One Lending was back in studio today despite a bad back that has us worried he’d end up on the disabled list. Instead he powered though and led a spirited panel as he welcomed guests Austin Bunn of Mission Home Mortgage and Vince Scuncio of It was Austin’s first time on our show, and he had a great broadcast touching on different points from a wide range of subjects. Interested in learning about doctors in the NFL? Have a guess as to who on our panel loves eggs? Did you hear the news this week about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Are you aware about how many people are buying homes with cash now? Should some of our listeners refinance their mortgage? We touched all of these topics and more on today’s show, giving everyone their time to shine!

To view our full broadcast click here or on the photo below:

Screen Shot

To hear the audio only version of our broadcast please click on the player below:

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