The real reason WHY the Federal Government is “shut down”…

why is the government shut downFirst and foremost, do not be overly concerned about the current Federal Government “shut down” unless it has already had a direct impact on you. The media is going crazy with this thing and the Drama is great for ratings. The reality is, the majority of the Federal Government is still operational and the majority of people’s fear about the impending debt ceiling and current “shut down” of certain parts of the Federal Government are all over-blown.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that the U.S. Government will not default on it’s debt. They would not fund or not pay a lot of things here at home before they elected to not pay a Creditor and that isn’t happening. Unfortunately, FEAR has worked so well to control the masses in the past that it will continue to be used any time a major agenda is on the table. In fact, any time you see someone on TV using FEAR to market a cause, just know it’s planned and they have a vested interest in whatever agenda they are attempting to pour upon you.

This is simple politics at work and it’s truly impressive how well it’s working. Remember, this system was developed 237 years ago. Before the telegraph, the light bulb, newspapers, roads, etc. This system is designed with checks and balances so no one branch of Government can become too powerful and over-run the citizens with an agenda. If you take out the names and the issues and just break down the logic behind what’s happening, you can fully understand WHY we are where we are… These are all FACTS.

It is the job and responsibility of the House of Representatives to initiate all funding legislation. In other words, the HOR decides what aspects of the Federal Government are funded or given money.

The Federal Government is spending more money than it brings in and therefore has to continue to borrow money on a regular basis. There is a “debt-limit” established, which can be increased. If the HOR believes it necessary to do so, they will initiate the legislation and it will proceed down the line from there.

The HOR has initiated funding for all aspects of Government except for one law, which is perfectly within it’s right. You see, the pure existence of a law does not guarantee that it will be funded. You can go through the entire legislative process and get a bill signed into law, but if the HOR does not decide to allocate funds to that law, then it cannot be instituted. This particular law, which the HOR has decided not to provide funding, is a very expensive law to the Federal Government and therefore the tax payer. Of course, no one knows just how expensive yet, there are only guesses on the table, but everyone can see it will come at a substantial economic loss.

The Senate Majority leader and the President of the United States have refused to even take a vote on any funding bills proposed by the HOR unless they provide an “all inclusive” bill to also fund the law in question.

So, what is the real reason WHY the Federal Government is shut down?

Because the President and the Senate Majority Leader prefer to allow a shut down of the Federal Government vs. not funding the law in question.

Are you ready for the really ironic part?

The HOR agreed to fund the law in question (The Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare), but only if the exemption language was removed. Meaning, no one could be exempt from the law. As it’s written currently, many big corporations and members of the Federal Government would be exempt from the law. So, you could say with factual certainty that the Government is “shut down” because Obama doesn’t want to be forced to use ObamaCare. If that isn’t a red flag, then I don’t know what is…

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