Should the Home Appraisal come first?

Home_appraisal_icon_7750144While the San Diego real estate market is still very warm, it has cooled significantly from being completely on-fire 6 months ago. On yesterdays radio show, we discussed the idea of home-sellers obtaining an appraisal BEFORE listing the home for sale. That way, the listing price would be justified by a third-party, professional opinion and potential home-buyers could have full confidence in making offers near that value. I don’t think this ever happens in the San Diego real estate market, but we had a great time discussing the pros/cons of such a strategy and if it should be mandatory.

What do YOU think?

Is it a good idea?

Why or why not?

Today’s Mr Credit Radio show podcast:

Today’s On-Air Guests:
Jon Jerotz, Mortgage Guru
Dr. Brian Austin, Wellness Crusader
Voltaire Lepe, San Diego real estate Expert

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