Is it OK to do promotions for your business on 9/11?

Tumbledown_trailsOne town in Wisconsin town certainly doesn’t think so… Tumbledown Trails Golf Course put an ad in the local paper this week offering a special discount to golfers on 9/11/13. The offer was said to “commemorate” the 12th anniversary of 9/11 by giving any golfer 9 holes and a cart for only $9.11 – 18 holes and a cart for 19.11… The ad seems pretty benign and in fact, patriotic from where I stand, but the town was in an uproar about the advertisement. The Golf Course has since taken down the advertisement, stopped offering the deal, apologized publicly and even offered to shut down the course for the entire day if that’s what the town wanted. Read the full story here: Wisconsin Golf Course Runs Questionable 9/11 Advertisement.

I just don’t get it. Do you think we should shut everything down on 9/11? Wouldn’t that mean the Terrorists were only 364 attacks away from killing us for good? I believe we need to be America as much as we can, every day we can. THAT is how we fight back. By showing those bastards we cannot be stopped. You can try to take Liberty, Freedom and Free enterprise away, but you will NOT succeed.

What do YOU think?

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  1. I agree with the “town.” I wondered how quick businesses would start advertising based off of the attack. I think the business responded very well after the complaints. Although you make a good point, I think that the terrorists (which may have been aided by our own government) are constantly getting good advertisement about it. For those that lost family or friends, I think they might see it as bad business when advertising in such a way. Then again, the day should be commemorated but not by a promotion which could benefit the business by getting more business.

  2. That’s the part I don’t understand, Joanne. What’s wrong with a business getting more business by offering a discount (and a big one at that) on a Holiday?

  3. I looked it up and found that Sept 11 is called Patriot Day but is not a federal holiday. I do see your point, such as what if everyday there was something tragic and memorable and then no days could have promotions as an extreme example. If so, it probably could be that way now. It sounds to me that the business meant no harm. Even so, I don’t feel right about financial gain due to commercialization of tragic events. I also see commercialization of Christmas as an example, not right. Will that stop me from buying something at a discount around Christmas that I really want, … um, well, … We’re so used to shopping around Christmas but I wouldn’t shop for deals today that are advertised due to the event. I have to go shopping today, will see how I do…. You do have me thinking about the other viewpoint since we don’t want them to succeed and stop us from everything. I think that I am so fed up with many American businesses and the greed that that’s what I am seeing.

  4. I totally understand being against some of the repugnant greed that exists these days, but this is just a local golf course. They aren’t getting rich off a promotion like this. It was just a way they could honor the day. In fact, they probably lose a little bit of money on dropping the prices that much. I think “intent” is really important when evaluating these things and I believe their intent to be genuine!

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