Is Credit Repair ethical?

is credit repair ethicalThere seem to be a growing number of people who don’t agree with the credit repair process. Some say it’s not ethical to dispute an item that you know to be correct. For example, you missed 2 car payments a couple years ago during tough times and today you are trying to buy a home. In order to get financing, your credit score needs to go up 80 points. You decide to move forward with a credit repair service since there are few other options at that point. This is the moment where people are divided. Some want to get the best results legally possible and other say, hey, I don’t want to try to remove a negative mark that I know to be true.

There are two important things you need to know about this:
#1 – There is nothing to keep you from using a credit repair service while electing to not dispute the items you know to be true.
#2 – The word used in the Fair Credit Reporting Act is “accurate” for a reason. Accuracy in the world of credit reporting requires the creditor to maintain its engagement in your credit profile for the entire time the item has an effect on the your credit score. If the creditor loses interest or doesn’t respond, then the file is stricken from your credit report.


If the creditors don’t want to pay attention to your account anymore or don’t care enough to respond to the inquiry you send, then why should they still be able to hang it over your head? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

There are very few things the Government has ever got exactly right in my mind, but the FCRA is one of them. The key is knowing how to use it to your advantage. If you need help with your credit report or a good credit repair service, call 1.800.525.1349 and ask for Credit Repair Mike.

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